Janyce Thompson

  Janyce Amyx Thompson

Janyce handles the business operation of Wire Works Custom Jewelry. She conducts all daily business operation including all internet activity.

Having created a successful eBay business, she is currently exploring the social networking side of internet marketing.

Also involved in the design and production of many of the products sold, she makes a valued contribution to the firm’s jewelry line including an extraordinary selection of gemstone beaded bracelets. Having mastered the art of wire wrapping, she delights in transforming lovely gems into a wearable art pieces. This line includes pendants and earrings.

Drawing from her twenty years plus experience in real estate, executive outplacement, and technical line supervision, Janyce focuses on the growth and development of Wire Works Custom Jewelry. In addition to her responsibilities with Wire Works, Janyce also owns and operates Amyx Properties, a single family rental company in Amarillo, Texas.

Her outside interests include: Parenting parrots (there are two, Apollo, an Umbrella Cockatoo and Charlie, a Lilac Crowned Amazon. Janyce also loves gardening and spends her recreational time planting, harvesting and enjoying her vegetable and flower gardens.

To contact Janyce please email: [email protected] or go to www.wireworkscustomjewelry.com.

She is also available by phone at 918 786-3996